Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture

Musical Heritage With a strong Scottish-Irish lineage, Pocahontas County is an area steeped in traditional music developed over two centuries of living in rustic mountain communities. Music and dancing were a primary source of enjoyment and a necessary part of life, used to bring people together and help pass the time in those simpler days.

The Pocahontas County Opera House was opened in 1909 by J.G. Tilton, publisher of the Marlinton Messenger and has been the center of the county's cultural scene ever since. On Friday and Saturday evenings the Nationally Registered Historical building is packed to the rafters with people from across the county ready for a night of musical entertainment. Performers of all kinds take part in the annual Pocahontas County Workshop, a community supported event that takes place at the County Opera house and confirms it is the true heart of the community.

The Alleghany Echoes is a collection of workshops dedicated to preserving the musical heritage of the region. Skilled musicians teach and demonstrate a series of workshops focusing on the instruments used in mountain music including banjo, guitar, mandolin, flat pick, fiddle, bass and dulcimer. There are classes available for the interested novice and the experienced musician.

The  musical family The Hammons lived in the Southern Appalachians for centuries, perfecting their art of storytelling through music. Famously interviewed and recorded by Dwight Diller between 1968-1969 their recordings were more than just catchy songs, they reflected a way of life for West Virginians and have had a lasting effect on regional mountain music.

Arts and Crafts
The Pocahontas County Arts Councilfunds high school scholarships and grants to ensure the continuation of the artistic expression of the community. The Artisan Co-op helps local artists develop their craft including visual, writing, dramatic, musical and quilting arts.

Quilting has been a time honored tradition both out of necessity and artistic expression since the first English colonists settled in the area. The quilter's guilds strive to bring the quilting community together and preserve American quilt culture.

Inspired Literature

The quiet beauty of this peaceful mountain region has inspired more than just traditional music and art, many recognized authors were born and raised in Pocahontas County. The area's most celebrated author Pearl S. Buck, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature and the Pulitzer Price, was born in the Hillsboro region.  The Pearl S. Buck Birthplace, a house built in 1857 has been converted into a museum complete with the original furnishings and belongings of her family.

Other authors of note hailing from Pocahontas County include Cal Price, Ed Friel, W.E. Blackhurst, John O' Brien and William T. Price. As well as a new generation of talented authors including Harold Crist, Patch Adams, Curtis Curry, Roy Clarkson and William P. McNeel.

Louise McNeill captured the essence of the simple mountain life in her books Milkweed Ladies and Gauley Mountain. Born and raised on a farm in Buckeye she was West Virginia's Poet Laureate from 1979-1993.

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