Area History

Area History

Jacob Marlin and Stephen Sewell are considered the first settlers west of the Alleghenies. Originally from Maryland they built their cabin in 1752 where Knapp's Creek met Marlin's Run. At that time the densely wooded area was mostly Indian hunting land.
The county was named in honor of the Native American Princess Pocahontas, the heroine in one of America's most beloved romantic legends. Folklore maintains that she saved Captain John Smith from death, forging a relationship between the native Powhatans and the English colonists of the first permanent settlement in America.

Most of the Native Indians in the area were still opposed to the newcomers, causing unrest between the new settlers and the tribes. It would be years later after the revolution that the native's complaints were quieted and the settler's land claims were secured.

During the Civil War most residents supported the Confederacy,  however sons from Pocahontas County were sent to fight for the armies of both sides. There are many Civil War Heritage sites in Pocahontas County. The most famous is Droop Mountain Battlefield where West Virginia's last signifigant Civil War battle was fought.

The original courthouse was built in Huntersville, the first county seat in the area. By 1891 with the railroad plans underway, citizens voted to move the courthouse six miles west to the newly formed Marlinton County seat. The Pocahontas County Courthouse, a Victorian Romanesque structure, lies on property the size of a full city block.

Railway History

Since building railways through the mountainous land was both expensive and difficult,  railway systems were a late comer to Pocahontas County.
Construction didn't begin until 1899, then moved quickly creating numerous railways to service many of the small mountain towns.

With the creation of the railway systems, commercial timbering and logging became an essential part of the county's economy by the 1920's. Several heritage train depots have been preserved and restored in the area. The Bramwell Historic train Station offers insight into the history of the Pocahontas region's coalfields.

You can go back in time to when steam-driven locomotives were an essential part of everyday life when you visit The Cass Scenic Railroad State Park.  Here the historic town of Cass has been restored to the days when it was a quaint old logging town.

Take a ride on the Climax #3 at the Durbin & Greenbrier Valley RR.  At  92 years old it is one of only three remaining Climax locomotives in the world. The legendary Saturday night full moon rides are not to be missed!

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